The Strength and Style of Iron Balusters

Iron balusters require less material than wood for support. So a staircase with iron balusters not only appears more open and visible, but it also allows for a host of decorative options.

And to ensure no aesthetic issues, Ascension Stair Parts® has developed the Iron Baluster Measurement Protocol to make certain your balusters align.

1/2" Square Balusters


Balusters   • • •   Accessories

1/2" Round Balusters


Balusters   • • •   Accessories

5/8" Square Balusters


Balusters   • • •   Accessories

5/8" Round Balusters


Balusters   • • •   Accessories

1-3/16" Iron Newels

Iron Newels

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

stair artist Use the Stair Artist tool to easily create a staircase with iron balusters.
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