Below are items beneficial to both dealers and home owners wanting to learn more about Ascension stair products. For dealer specific items, please log in on our Dealer page.

Ascension's Full Line Brochure

Includes 20 pages of beautifully presented products, complete with order numbers.

  • Wood and iron baluasters, fittings, treads, starting steps, lineals, installation kits.
  • Features Baljak, QwikTread, and box newels.

Iron Baluster Brochure

This 3-panel foldout brochure features iron balusters in one panoramic view. Square, round, traditional, contemporary, Southwester, European~they're all included. It's ideal for comparing styles.

  • Features Baljak; box newels.
  • How to create a scroll panel.

Baljak Sell Sheet

Features Ascension's unique anchor for 1/2" hollow iron balusters. Applies to open-tread and knee wall applications, to both rake and balconies and to new installations or remodeling.

Qwik Tread Sell Sheet

Ascension's QwikTread Kits include stair parts~tread, riser, and riser edge moulding~for one complete step.

Special feature: Returned treads mitered both sides for LH or RH.

An Introduction to Stair Parts

Perfect for a presentation to dealers (not installers) or salespeople new to the stair parts category, this PDF teaches stair parts basics:

  1. Stair anatomy and terminology
  2. Styles
  3. Stair parts
  4. Installation

In addition, check out our Stair Parts Glossary as a quick start reference guide.

stair artist Use the Stair Artist tool to easily create a staircase with newels and wood or iron balusters.
remember other parts Need railing, newels or hardware? See our Products page.