Fittings: Connecting Your Handrails

Fittings provide the many transitions needed in a starway's railing, whether it be twists, turns, drops, rises or ends. And, as with other product types, Ascension Stair Parts® fittings are available in a myriad of configurations, which ensures you have the right shape and profile for your stairs.

Profiles (click on the images below to go to that profiles lineal page)


handrail fitting
"S" Turn 10" Arms - LH/RH
(15LH / 15RH
- LH shown)
handrail fitting handrail fitting
1/4 Turn with Cap
Volute Flat - LH/RH
(30 / 35) 
 RH shown
handrail fitting handrail fitting
Volute Low - LH/RH
(30CAL / 35CAL) 
RH shown
Volute Medium - LH/RH
(30CAM / 35CAM) RH shown
handrail fitting handrail fitting
Volute High - LH/RH
(30CAH / 35CAH) RH shown
Volute Vertical (38)
handrail fitting handrail fitting
Turnout Large - LH/RH
(40 / 45) RH shown
Turnout Small - LH/RH
(41 / 46) RH shown
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